Nor Sawiah Jusoh

Executive Director,

Wealth & Well Being

Money & You® in Malaysia

Batch July 2005

My Story

In Money & You® there are flip charts. One of my favourite flip chart is “FOR THINGS TO CHANGE, 1st I MUST CHANGE”. When I applied this distinction in my life, I got that I am fully responsible for myself and my life. Before Money & You®, I was an employee, being a hospital doctor. I had a busy career and working life.

There was no freedom. During Money & You®, I got the distinction of the flip chart above. Applying that in my life, after Money & You®, I resigned from being a hospital doctor. I took full responsibility of myself and my life.

I started looking at my passion, what I’m good at and how to create an economic engine out of it. I then became self-employed and started my own business.

To date, my life has changed tremendously. I am being a doctor and not working as one. I make a difference in people’s health and wellbeing. I live in my passions which are travelling and talking. I am an entrepreneur and businesswoman, owning businesses in both Europe and Asia. I am also an investor.

Today, I am in three different cash flow quadrants and financially successful. I have freedom around time and cash. I have an awesome family where all my sisters and brother-in-laws are Money & You® Graduates. I have an amazing relationship with my mother. Though I am currently living in the United Kingdom, distance never distant my love for her. My family is so close to my heart.

Sawiah Jusoh