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Robert  T.  Kiyosaki

best-selling author rich dad/poor dad book series

“Money & You ® changed my life and redirected my business career. The program is more about discovering ourselves than it is about money, yet in the process, I learned more about money than I ever dreamed possible.”

Jack Canfield

co-author of best -selling chicken soup for the soul book series

“One of the greatest seminars that I’ve ever took that really helped me along both in my professional career and also in my professional life financially was the Money & You ® seminar.”

Dato’ Dr. Jannie Tay

vice chairman, the hour glass

“Without Money & You ®, I would not have had the courage to open offices and retail outlets in Australia (we now have four there), Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Japan. In business, it is not tasks, money, or products that make the biggest difference. It’s the people, and relationships. In Money & You ®, I learned a framework, and a technology that I apply and am constantly using every day.”

Mark Victor Hansen

co-author of best -selling chicken soup for the soul book series | one minute millionaire | businessman | entrepreneur

“Money & You ® is the one of the most brilliant trainings on the planet. I took it, learned it and earned vastly more because of it. You can do the same – or more!”

Dear business owner, entrepreneur or 9-5 escape artist,

If you’ve ever wished you could fully get access to and grasp the millionaire mindset once and for all, and join the ranks of the ultra-successful, this could be the most important message you ever read. I’d like to tell you about the 3.5 day seminar that thousands of the world’s most prominent entrepreneurs thank for their success.It’s the exact event that Robert & Kim Kiyosaki, Roger Hamilton, Dame DC Cordova & Jack Canfield ALL attended immediately before launching into stratospheric success.

It’s also been the springboard that other high-profile entrepreneurs (like Ben Cohen – Co-founder of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and Gary Kurtz – Producer/film maker of Star Wars) have used to catapult their way to riches and to making a profound difference on the planet.

You can see a full list of notable graduates below. For now…

Discover the Wealth-Building Laws Of The World’s Most Successful Companies, Entrepreneurs and Investors To Smash Through Your Invisible ‘Money Ceiling’, Grow Your Company or Career & Set The Foundation To Build Kingdoms Of Wealth – Regardless of Whether You’re Already a Multi-Millionaire or Still Living Paycheck To Paycheck.

*PLUS: Find Out Why This Event Is Still So ‘Secret’ After 39 Years and Over 100,000 Rock-Solid Success Stories*

Here are some quick facts about the event:

  • Robert Kiyosaki went through the program when he was bankrupt. He became a partner in the company that ran this event for 9-years, during that time he launched his multi-million dollar book franchise – ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’. He’s now worth $80 million and has some 5,000 investment properties.
  • Jack Canfield finally “got” the principle of Leverage at this event, which gave him the idea for his all-time-best-selling book – ‘Chicken Soup For The Soul’. That book has since been translated into 43 languages, done more than $100 million in sales (per year!), sold over 500 million copies and has been named one of the most impactful books of the past 25 years by USA Today. (It’s also one of the best selling books of all time … second only to the Bible. Yep. Only the Bible beats it in number!)

And it’s not just celebrities…

  • Ruben Freid and Morry Fraid (Founders of the famous fabric retailer, Spotlight), attended this event when the business was generating several million but nothing like the retail behemoth it is now – it had an incredible impact on the business and it’s employee culture. Now having grown to 150 stores around the world, including it’s Anaconda brand, some 7,000 staff and annual revenues of close to $1 billion, Morry Fraid and his nephew Zac are listed on the BRW Top 200 Rich List at $1.22Bn in wealth.
  • Andrew Barron was making $200 per week when he first attended the seminar. Within 8-months he was a millionaire. Within 3-years he’d scaled his timber business to $30 million. Since then he exited to spend more time on passion projects. He started another business, and his now ‘smaller’ business makes $1 million per month with just 7 team members.
  • Dominique Lyone graduated from this program in 1988. In his words: “I was effectively going broke but struggling to see a way through it… Since the moment I walked out those doors on that Sunday night some 25 years ago, I turned the business around. Each year I have delivered a better result than previous … we’re now doing $120 million with 350 employees … and growing.”




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